[VIDEO] S01E02: Trinis Talk South Korea | 트리니 사람들이 생각하는 ‘한국’은?

We chatted with some Trinidadians to see what their thoughts on South Korea were. Some of the answers may surprise you! 🙂

Opening & Closing Song: Lucky One – EXO

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Gangnam Style – PSY

CyberMillionaires (VICE)

Yoon Shi Yoon

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Baker King

San Antonio Green Market

D Bocas Lit Fest Food Writing Workshop

Shoutout to my Shirt! New Fire Festival:

[VIDEO] Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) | 캐리비안에서 추석을 말하다! : The Breakdown

Join Heaven, Yoon, HyeJi  and me  as we explore the origins and traditions of one of the largest holidays on the Korean calendar!





Korea Today – Korea’s Chuseok Holiday


Korea. Your Story – Official TVC for 2015

‘Korea. Your Story’ introduces fascinating tourist attractions in Korea.


Seoul Tourism Video

Seoul is the business and cultural hub of South Korea, where skyscrapers tower over Buddhist temples. Take it all in from the N Seoul Tower, built atop a peak in Namsan Park. The teahouses and shops of Insadong give you a taste of Korean flavor, which you can further experience with a visit to the grounds and museums of Gyeongbokgung. UNESCO World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace is a fine example of authentic ancient architecture.




Dancing King – Yoo Jae Seok & EXO 

What happens when legendary comedian/MC Yoo Jae Seok cuts a track with the world’s biggest boyband EXO? Awesomeness, that’s what. PS. Like all EXO-L’s I -am- that pink teddy bear hehehe 🙂

Korean Care Packages

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2cUieBf
Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my father’s death. It was a tough time (still is) but made more bearable by the support I received unexpectedly from Korean friends I had made online. One in particular sent me this care package of treats, novelties and even a cookbook (that I use at least once a week!)
#tbt #Repost @sarinanow ・・・ Just received my very first Korean care package! So awesome! I am so overwhelmed and surprised by the caring shown by my friends over there! So much to eat through now haha. Who wants to help me? Will share those treats over on @trinigourmet 진짜 대박!!! 정말 말 고마워요 Sean씨!! 🇹🇹🇰🇷🙌🏽 감사합니다 한국인 친구들!

Cinderella’s Stepsister will become the third Korean drama to be aired on Trinidad & Tobago television

Cinderella’s Stepsister will become the third Korean drama to be aired on Trinidad & Tobago television. Will you be watching? I am curious if it will be overdubbed. Personally I prefer to hear the original inflections. How about you? Subtitles or overdubs?
***** 개봉 박두 트리니다드토바고에서 … 드라마를 알아나요?   *****
August 30, 2016 – from the Trinidad Express
CCN, the parent company of TV6 and the Express, yesterday signed an agreement with the Embassy of Korea to exclusively broadcast the single-season series [Cinderella’s Stepsister] , tentatively from October. Cinderella’s Stepsister is a modern-day adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella, but with a twist. The 2010 drama follows the life of two very different girls, Eun-jo (Cinderella’s stepsister) and Hyo-seon (Cinderella), on their journeys into adulthood, where they eventually find themselves vying for the love of the same man. “All the material we are providing has a lot of popularity in Korea, among the young and old. I’m sure here also there will be great popularity,” said Korean Ambassador Dooyoung Lee prior to the signing.

Welcome to Kimchi x Kallaloo!


Hey everyone! I’m so excited to click Publish on this Post. It seems like only 2 months ago (probably because it was) that I was sitting at Heaven’s table telling her that one of my dreams was to increase awareness and interaction between Koreans and Trinbagonians.

Starting a vlog was her idea and of course being Type A I then had to supercharge the venture. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m going to try to get her to post her thoughts on this project as well, and hopefully become a regular blog contributor too. So stay tuned!

There is a lot that we have coming up in the works. In fact I am rushing this down right now to head off to our next round of interviews! But when I get back you can look forward to a scene by scene breakdown of our Intro Video. I packed in tons of goodies for everyone.  video

이따 봐요! ^^
(see ya soon!)

p.s I’ll try to do my posts in both Korean and English. Of course I’m still a beginner so I hope you native speakers will be kind 🙂 Hopefully you will be able to understand me 🙂

Where the Caribbean and Korea Meet | 캐리비안과 한국이 만나는 곳